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George Washington Carver Middle School is a Miami-Dade Public Schools magnet for international education and studies. All students who wish to attend must apply by completing the District’s magnet school application, meeting the academic criteria and being selected through the random selection process. Entry level for the Intenational Education Program is 6th grade only. Entry level for International Studies Program is 6th, 7th, and 8th grade(s).

The magnet application period for Miami-Dade County Public Schools runs from October 1st through January 15th each year.

It is important that you visit the “Magnet” section of this site for specific information about G.W. Carver Middle’s language magnet programs, selection criteria before completing the magnet school application online.

Students new to Miami-Dade County Public Schools will need the following before attending class:

  • Birth certificate or legal proof of name

  • Health and immunization forms

  • Child’s Social Security Number

  • Proof of residency

Students transferring from another Miami-Dade County Public School only need:

  • A parent or legal guardian must present a valid withdrawal slip from the previous/sending school

  • Proof of residency in the parent or legal guardian’s name.

Please contact the Lead Teacher at (305) 444-7388 for more information, or visit the MDCPS Parent Portal:

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Hurray! Hurray!

Hurray! Hurray! George Washington Carver Middle School is the NUMBER 1, traditional middle school in the state of Florida...AGAIN!

Principal's Message

School Principal: Shelley F. Stroleny

Greetings! Buenos dias! Guten Tag! Bonjour! Buongiorno!

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to G.W. Carver Middle School, Center for International Education. Our institution is an all magnet school and is a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. G.W. Carver Middle School has been honored as the number one middle school in Florida for many years, is and rated an “A” by the State of Florida’s A+ Plan. G.W. Carver Middle School is the only public middle school recognized by the Spanish, German, Italian, and French governments. All students at G.W. Carver Middle School study Spanish, German, Italian, or French and their respective cultures at an in-depth level. All courses are taught at the honors or advanced level.

Our students enjoy a true middle school experience complete with clubs, after-school sports and exciting field trips. G.W. Carver Middle School strives to create a friendly, multi-ethnic environment that encourages student growth in self-esteem, self-discipline and respectful understanding of different peoples and cultures. This environment provides an experience that prepares our students to meet tomorrow's challenges in the international arena. The faculty and staff are personally and professionally committed to our students. They provide students with outstanding educational opportunities and services. It is my goal to maintain G.W. Carver Middle School's outstanding achievements, and with the faculty and staff, I invite you to visit our school.

- Shelley F. Stroleny, Principal

Health Inspection Reports

Click HERE for the Health Inspection Reports.

Please click on the image below to find out about past Carver awards:

Click HERE to find out about past GWCM awards!

Wow! Carver has been an "A" school for well over a decade!

School History

Carver School can trace its beginning to the private school for Coconut Grove black children that was founded by D.A. Dorsey in 1899. In 1901, the first public school was organized at St. Paul A.M.E. church under Rev. John Davis. The next year, the school moved to Thomas Avenue on land donated by patrons and friends. "The Little Schoolhouse", as it was fondly called, served the community until 1923 when the school was moved to Lejeune Road. In 1924, George Merrick, who was developing Coral Gables, offered the Board of Education five acres on Grand Avenue and Lincoln Drive, and a newly designed nine room Spanish building in exchange for the unfinished building on Lejeune Road. The new school, known as the Dade County Training School, housed elementary and junior high schools, and served black students from as far away as Homestead.

Mrs. Francis Tucker, a Tuskegee University graduate, and friend of Dr. George Washington Carver, became principal in 1929, and served until her retirement in 1956. Beginning in 1934, one high school class was added each year until the first senior class graduated in 1939. When Dr. George Washington Carver died in 1942, Mrs. Tucker led a movement to rename the school in his honor. By this time the school was severely overcrowded and many portable classrooms filled the school grounds. In 1950, the School Board acquired five additional acres and hired architect, Alfred Browning Parker to design a modern, new high school, which opened in 1952. Carver High graduated its last senior class in 1966. In the fall of that year, senior high students were transferred to Coral Gables Senior High, and the former high school became G.W. Carver Junior High.

In February, 1970, the Federal court ordered the Dade County School system to desegregate all the faculties, and the following fall paired G.W. Carver Junior High with Ponce de Leon, making the school a 7th grade center. The court also ordered Carver Elementary paired with Sunset, Coral Gables and Merrick Elementaries making G.W. Carver Elementary a kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade school. Since integration, Carver has added a proud heritage of being a model multi-racial, multi-ethnic school serving students from Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables and Key Biscayne. During 1985-86, Carver's population dropped to 53% of capacity. After many meetings with community and school officials, Carver requested to become a magnet school in international education, an idea that was initiated in 1982, at the Southern Governor's Conference.

The first International Studies classes came to Carver in the 1987/88 school year. Since then, Carver has become a magnet school housing both the International Studies Program for students continuing their studies from Sunset Elementary School, and for French and Spanish nationals, as well as the International Baccalaureate Preparation Program for students beginning their study of foreign language at G.W. Carver in the sixth grade. G.W. Carver is the only middle school in Dade County offering advanced placement testing in Spanish, German and French at this level. On May 31, 1994, governor Lawton Chiles proclaimed International Studies Day in honor of the first sixteen graduates of the International Studies Magnet program.

Please click HERE to download the G.W. Carver Middle School Hall of Fame Nomination Form.

Mission Statement

To provide Miami-Dade County's multicultural and multilingual population with an advanced educational program, George Washington Carver Middle School will follow state benchmarks and meet the academic standards of France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The school will offer a curriculum to prepare students to meet the future needs of major industries, international trade, finance, and tourism.

Vision Statement

Reflecting the needs of Miami-Dade County's diverse community, George Washington Carver Middle School, Center for International Education, will prepare all students to be multilingual and multiliterate. All stakeholders of the school will implement technological innovations to enhance the strong multilingual academic program, thus ensuring each student success in the competitive environment of the 21st century. The school will provide a rigorous, diverse curriculum that meets world-class standards for a multicultural world.

Supporting Statement

We believe George Washington Carver Middle School to be a student-centered academic institution where teachers and staff are role models whose excitement and energy promote academic excellence. George Washington Carver Middle School is a place where parental support is not only encouraged but is essential to the students' success and where the administrative team provides constructive support focusing on critical aspects of successful teaching to students, faculty, parents, and the community. Our school is a multi-national school where competency-based curriculum is emphasized along with the academic standards of the ministries of France, Germany, Spain and Italy. It is a school of facilitators who go out of their way to solve problems while creating a positive work climate. As a school of tomorrow where students complete courses that will enable them to function in a multicultural society, we promote technological competence and believe George Washington Carver Middle School to be Miami-Dade County Public Schools' best middle school.

Attendance Policy

There is probably no factor more important to successful school progress than regular school attendance. Students who are absent excessively from the instructional program will fall behind in academic achievement. Excessive school absenteeism can result in course failure.

The attendance policy is established by the School Board. Highlights of the attendance rules are as follows:

1. A secondary student accumulating ten or more unexcused class absences in an annual course or five or more unexcused absences in a semester course will be subject to the withholding of final credit, pending a student/parent requested administrative screening and/or review of all absences by the attendance review committee.

Attendance Policy

2. An attendance review committee is established in each school. The committee consists of three or more school personnel who have the responsibility to review student attendance petitions during the last week of the course(s) and recommend the:

  • A. Issuing of final credit

  • B. Temporary withholding of final credit pending makeup assignments;

  • C. Permanent withholding of credit.

3. The following are considered excused absences: student illness, medical appointment, death in family, observance of a religious holiday, mandated religious service, and a school sponsored event or activity previously approved

4. All other absences not listed above in item 3 are considered unexcused

*Excerpt from School Board Rule 6Gxl3-5A-l.04

School Staff


Language Arts

Office Staff

Student Services

Home of the Hornets!

French Program

German Program

Italian Program

Technology Department

  • Grace Iudica - Computer Specialist

Security Staff

  • Timothy Grant

  • Sonia Winds-Jenkins

Custodial Staff

  • Joe Dekle

  • Odalys Hernandez

  • Carl Springer - Head Custodian

  • Angela Walker - Lead Custodian

  • Clinton Williams

  • Alonso Guitian

Cafeteria Staff

  • Mary Barley

  • Dionne Green - Manager

  • Bertha Medina

  • Barbara Theodore

  • Mirtha Valdes

  • Calpurnia Walker

Zone Mechanic

  • Brad Berman


  • Nicole Aycart

  • Altanetger Daniel

  • Elemene Juste

Staff Gallery

Mrs. Sylvia Coto-Gonzalez

Mrs. Coto-Gonzalez

Assistant Principal
Mr. Shelton Rivers

Mr. Rivers

Assistant Principal
GWCM Language Arts Department

GWCM Language Arts Department

(Top Row) Williams, Pinilla, Byrd, Hudson, Jones & (Bottom Row) Senior, Vo, Tannen
GWCM Mathematics Department

GWCM Mathematics Department

Miyares, Rios-Cristancho, Agudelo, Scippio, Jourdaa, Troubady, Fernandez, Gonzalez, Sabourin & Toledo
GWCM Student Services Staff

GWCM Student Services Staff

Green, Castillo, Perez-Salman, Sejeck, Peralta
GWCM Science Department

GWCM Science Department

Valdes, Moore, Driggs, Garcia, Martinez, Small & Vazquez
Ms. Ana Driggs

Ms. Ana Driggs

Making Science Fun!
GWCM Languages Staff

GWCM Languages Staff

Isakova, Jourdaa, Di Pietro, Biondolillo, Kavanaugh, Winston
Co-workers and friends

Co-workers and friends

Pals - Troubady and Moghani
GWCM Social Studies Department

GWCM Social Studies Department

Hennessy, Sands, Garcia, Vinat, Rivas, Bonifazio, Delgado
GWCM Spanish Language Department

GWCM Spanish Language Department

Castro, Fernandez, Gomez, Guevara, Galvez, Mustelier, Noa, Robledo
Teachers can have fun too!

Teachers can have fun too!

Daniels, Guitian and Small
GWCM Electives Department

GWCM Electives Department

Harmon, Guitian, Carlson-Yellen, Toledo, Llewellyn-Jones
GWCM Custodial & Security Team

GWCM Custodial & Security Team

Springer, Winds-Jenkins, Grant
GWCM Custodial Team

GWCM Custodial Team

Guitian, Dekle, Hernandez
GWCM Cafeteria Staff

GWCM Cafeteria Staff

Making healthy meals for our students.


Magnet Program

G.W. Carver Middle School is a forerunner in the nation, being the only public middle school recognized by the French, German, Italian and Spanish governments and accredited by Spain . The major focus at G.W. Carver Middle School is to provide educational parity with the European systems and to compete successfully in the international arena using the best of the U.S. system. The academic program strives to raise student achievement to world-class standards by providing a curriculum that emphasizes student-centered learning, competency in a foreign language and training in technology. G.W. Carver Middle School offers two unique programs that provide students with knowledge to live successfully in an international world.

International Studies Program (IS)

The IS program is a challenging academic program with an international perspective that promotes better understanding of other nations, cultures and languages. Most students enter this program from Sunset Elementary's IS program speaking, reading and writing French, German or Spanish proficiently, from G. W. Carver Elementary's Italian program, or as nationals from the corresponding countries. However, any student that is proficient in Spanish, French, Italian or German may apply. IS students study language, as well as, humanities and math (excluding German, and Italian IS) in French, German, Italian or Spanish. The IS program receives recognition and input from the participating foreign governments and provides the opportunity for citizens of these countries to continue their education in their native language. Students may enter in 6th, 7th or 8th grade based on meeting criteria, passing a language proficiency exam, and space availability.

International Education Program (IE)

The International Education program is a rigorous academic program with an advanced and honors curriculum that enables high achieving students to study French, German or Spanish. The language component of the IE program consists of two courses annually; one course emphasizes grammar and vocabulary, the other focuses on communication. This program prepares students for any academically rigorous high school program. The entry level is 6th grade only.


Both the IS and IE programs provide a specially designed interdisciplinary course of studies in a balanced curriculum that is consistent with current programs in Miami Dade County Public Schools for grades six through eight. All courses at Carver are at an advanced or honors level.

Magnet Program Curriculum Matrix

Click HERE for the Magnet Program Curriculum Matrix.

Mathematics and Civics EOC PowerPoint/PDF

Click HERE to download the Mathematics EOC Parent Workshop PowerPoint.

Click HERE to download the Mathematics FSA Parent Workshop PowerPoint.

Click here for the 2016-2017 Civics EOC Parent Workshop PowerPoint/PDF

How to Apply

Applications can be downloaded, beginning October 1st, from the http://www.yourchoicemiami.org website, or apply on line through the Parent Portal.

Aapplications must be submitted to School Choice & Parental Options by January 15th.

It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the application has been received at School Choice & Parental Options Office by the January 15th deadline.

Students that do not attend a Miami Dade County Public School must submit to G. W. Carver Middle a copy of the latest report card and last year's report card in its entirety (i.e., private, out-of-county, charter), by January 15th, before they are considered complete. Only complete applications will be processed.

Students applying for the IS program must meet criteria and pass a language proficiency test.

A committee of administrators and teachers review submitted applications, using admission criteria established by the school district and G. W. Carver Middle School.

Final determination of acceptance is based on the random selection process run by the Office of Educational Accountability.

Directions For Filling Out the Application

General Information: Fill out all of the student’s general information as requested.

Agreement of Understanding: Sign and date the application.

Selection Box: Select one strand of your choice. PLEASE NOTE: The IE Program is for beginners. Students do not need to speak the language. The IS Program is for students who are proficient in the language. Applicants must demonstrate language proficiency to be considered for this program.

Additional Requirements not on Application (for students in a private school, a charter school, or school outside of Miami Dade County Public Schools):

Submit a copy of the first report card for the current school year plus last year’s grades to G. W. Carver Middle School, 4901 Lincoln Drive, Miami, Fl. 33133 by January 15.

All applications and necessary paperwork are due January 15th, (no exceptions).Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Magnet Application

Click on the banner below to apply to the magnet program.

Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria for G. W. Carver Middle School’s IE and IS Programs

Students wishing to apply for the International Education Program or the International Studies Program must meet the following criteria:

NOTE: In all instances where grades are considered for admission, the grades considered include all of last school year’s grades and the first quarter of the current school year. Two or more items checked below will exclude the applicant from entry into the random selection process:

International Education Program (IE) French, German, or Spanish


Minimum of 2.5 GPA in core academic classes (i.e., Reading, Language Arts/ESOL, Math, Science, Social Studies) and Foreign Language


Minimum of 2.5 in core academic classes (i.e., Reading, Language Arts/ESOL, Math, Science, Social Studies) and Foreign Language


All effort grades in core academics classes (i.e., Reading, Language Arts/ESOL, Math, Science, Social Studies) and Foreign Language must be a "1" or "2"

Attendance Requirements

No more than 10 absences from previous year

International Studies Program (IS) French, German, Italian, or Spanish


Minimum of 2.5 GPA in core academic classes (i.e., Reading, Language Arts/ESOL, Math, Science, Social Studies) and Foreign Language


Minimum of 2.5 in core academic classes (i.e., Reading, Language Arts/ESOL, Math, Science, Social Studies) and Foreign Language


All effort grades in core academics classes (i.e., Reading, Language Arts/ESOL, Math, Science, Social Studies) and Foreign Language must be a "1" or "2"

Attendance Requirements

No more than 10 absences from previous year


Must pass language proficiency exam for program applied to (French, German, Italian, or Spanish)

iPrep Information

Click HERE for the iPrep powerpoint PDF - (English language 6th/7th grade math students only!)

Curriculum Bulletin

Click here for the 2016-2017 District Curriculum Bulletin

Parent Organizations

Parental involvement is essential if every child is to achieve his or her goals. There are many ways for you to be involved here at George Washington Carver Middle School. Please take the time to join at least one of the parent organizations that support our school and our students.

There is a general P.T.S.A., as well as separate Spanish, German, Italian and French parent organizations. Additionally, The Friends of Carver is an organization that supports the elementary as well as the middle school. These organizations can be contacted through the school.

To learn more about volunteering, click HERE.

To learn more about the PTSA, please click HERE.

To join the GWCM PTSA, please click HERE.

Parent Teacher Student Association


On behalf of the Board and Committee Chairs of this year's PTSA, welcome to the new school year! We are very excited about the upcoming year and the future accomplishments of our Association. PTSA is eager to begin working with the school administration, parents, teachers and students to continue Carver's Middle legacy of academic excellence. This year we have bigger projects, goals and expectations, and we are confident that the Carver Family will take pride in our collective accomplishments.

Parent Teacher Student Association

We hope you will join us to kick the year off right:

1) Join the PTSA! Membership forms are available in the Attendance Office, in "Welcome Packets" and online. Our goal is to have 100% representation! Become a member, participate and together we will make it a very productive year! Attend our 1st PTSA Meeting – October 4, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. in the New Cafeteria. Everyone is welcome!

2) Sign up for Email Communications – all the information you want to know about Carver Middle School activities, news, and resources are communicated to parents through email. Be sure that you register to receive emails so that you can be part of the Hornets Team!

3) Mark your calendar for the Fall Book Fair, during September -- we will be selling the Required Reading books for this year as well as Scholastic Books for leisure reading.

As always, the PTSA Board Members and Committee Chairs are here to serve as liaisons and to be a support system for the school administration. Together we will guide our students through another successful school year!

- Amy Kutell, PTSA President

Parent Teacher Student Association

2016-2017 Board

Committee Chairpersons

Join Our Mailing List
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Parent Language Associations

Spanish International Parents Association


Spanish International Parent Association - (SIPA): Click the image above to learn more about this organization.

German International Parents Association


German International Parent Association - (GIPA): Click the image above to learn more about this organization.

Italian International Parents Association


Italian International Parent Association - (IIPA): Click the image above to learn more about this organization.

French International Parents Association


French International Parent Association - (FIPA): Click the image above to learn more about this organization.



We will enforce a strict dress code at Carver Middle. All students are expected to wear uniforms to school and to be neat and well groomed at all times. Students violating the dress code will be subject to disciplinary action. Other clothing issues such as size, and/or fit, will be considered on an individual basis, and acceptability will be determined at the discretion of the administration.

The uniform will be: A uniform-standard, 3-button polo shirt in orange, hunter green or white. The shirt may not be the form-fitting girl's style and must have the G.W. Carver Middle logo, either embroidered or with a sewn-on patch. Patches may be purchased in the school office. Standard uniform pants, (chinos), shorts or skorts must be worn in khaki or navy.

Shorts and skorts must be no more than two inches above the knee in length. Girls are under no circumstances to roll up their shorts/skorts more than two inches above the knee. For cold-weather wear, jackets or sweaters may be worn but they must have buttons or a zipper down the front, and they must conform to Miami-Dade County Public School's student dress code. No pullover sweaters or sweatshirts are permitted.

The last Friday of every month will be "Jean Day." Students may wear standard-fit blue jean bottoms with school uniform tops or club shirts. Jeans must not be excessively form-fitting or have holes in them. Please note that on pre-approved non-uniform days, students are to adhere to the M-DCPS dress code and cannot wear attire which distracts the attention of other students or creates a safety hazard.

Students can visit the MDCPS Student Portal at:

Click HERE to login!

Student Galleries - 1

  • The Performing Arts and Music within Carver

  • Fine Arts within Carver

  • Field Trips, Events and Activities

  • Students in service - volunteerism

  • Sights of G.W. Carver Middle School



  • Grades, at best, are but an indicator of the student's knowledge or skill at any particular time.

  • Grades are not necessarily an accurate gauge as to whether learning has taken place.

  • However, since much emphasis is placed upon grades, a student's academic grade should reflect the teacher's most objective assessment of the student's academic achievement.

  • Academic grades should not be used as a threat in order to maintain classroom decorum.


Students have the right to:

  • Be informed of the teacher's grading criteria, which is consistent with district guidelines, at the beginning of each grading period.

  • Receive an academic grade that reflects their achievement.

  • Be notified anytime during the grading period when it becomes evident that the student is performing unsatisfactorily in academics, conduct, or effort; or prior to the seventh week of a grading period, if an unanticipated reduction in performance becomes evident in academics, conduct, or effort.

  • To receive a conduct and effort grade in each class consistent with their overall behavior and effort.

  • To achieve academic success based upon their own initiative and ability.

Student Galleries - 2



  • Asking teachers in advance of a graded assignment for an explanation of any grading criteria or practice which they may question or which may need clarification.

  • Maintaining reasonable -standards of academic performance commensurate with their ability.

  • Making every effort to improve their performance upon receipt of notification of unsatisfactory performance.

  • Conducting themselves in each class in ways that are conducive to the learning process.

  • Earning grades based upon their performance while guarding against cheating by other students.

2016 2017 Mathematics Summer Packets

2015 6th Grade Math Summer Packet
2015 7th Grade Math Summer Packet
2015 Algebra I Summer Packet
2015 Geometry Summer Packet

2016 - 2017 Language Arts Reading Lists

6th Grade Language Arts Reading List
7th Grade Language Arts Reading List
8th Grade Language Arts Reading List

MDCPS Athletic Program guidelines:

  • Students in the 7th and 8th grade may participate in sports teams at the varsity or junior varsity level if they maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average for the past grading period and if they pass five courses.

  • Students in the 6th grade are automatically eligible to participate in junior varsity sports during the first nine weeks of the school year.

  • Thereafter, they must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average in each grading period.

  • To participate at the varsity level a sixth grade student must have a signed waiver from the parent, school principal and coach.

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Go Carver!

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Additional Information

MDCPS Information

The Miami-Dade County Public Schools System offers a wide array of specialized educational/magnet programs to tailor to a variety of student needs. Click on the above link to learn more about Miami-Dade County Public School magnet programs, pertinent curriculum and registration process.

Click on the link below to discover more about the Miami-Dade County Public Schools System.

Our Location

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4901 Lincoln Drive, Miami, Florida 33133 (305) 444-7388 (Phone) (305) 529-5148 (Fax)


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