G.W. Carver Middle School: Language Magnet 
G.W. Carver Middle School: Language Magnet 

A Magnet School For International Studies And Education
Home of the Hornets 

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George Washington Carver Middle School is recognized as an “A” school by the Florida Department of Education and is one of the top ranked public schools in the State. It is also a U.S. Department of Education “Blue Ribbon School of Excellence” and each year since, 2002, has been recognized by Magnet Schools of America with the “Magnet School of Excellence Award.”

A magnet school for international studies and education, G.W. Carver Middle is recognized by the German, Spanish, and Italian governments, and accredited by Spain. All students study French, German, Spanish or Italian and their respective cultures at an in-depth level. Local students as well as students from many different countries enroll each year. They are required to maintain strong academic grades and attendance to remain at the school. All G.W. Carver students enjoy a true middle school experience with numerous clubs, student organizations, and after-school sports to choose from.

To be admitted to G.W. Carver Middle, students have to be academically qualified, must submit a Miami-Dade County Public Schools magnet application, and must be admitted through a random selection process.

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